Learn how to improve with these resources

In this article, I would like to share the resources I have used that have helped me to improve and attain my goals.

Learning How To Learn (UCSD, 2016)
Online Course at Coursera

This is one of the best courses out there and it has helped me to become a more effective learner. The course is very concise with less than 10 hours of content and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve his or her productivity. The most important thing I learned from this course is that taking breaks (and activating the “diffuse” mode) can be extremely helpful when trying to solve a difficult problem.

The Tim Ferriss Show

I love listening to this podcast and I have been able to apply a lot of the techniques discussed. Examples include seeking uncomfortable situations, appreciating what you have and keeping a daily journal. Episodes are typically released weekly and take about two hours. “Prior guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton, Tony Robbins, Maria Popova, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Amanda Palmer, Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, Reid Hoffman, Jon Favreau, Whitney Cummings, Mike Shinoda, and dozens more.”

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
Book on success

The idea behind this book is that results compound exponentially over time. An example would be to do one minute extra of exercise a day to improve health exponentially in the long-term. There are some tips in this book that I really appreciated such as taking 100% responsibility for what happens in your life and how tracking progress leads to success.

Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss
Book on negotiation

I found this book to be highly valuable and would recommend it to everyone. Chriss Voss is a former hostage negotiator for the FBI and he is able to share the lessons he learned in this book. There is so much good advice in this book such as labelling the other person’s pain, being wary of “Yes” and using pauses to your advantage.

Originals – Adam Grant
Book on generating ideas

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing what it takes to be original. After reading the book, I got the impression that the author is really intelligent and humble. For this reason, I was able to gain some insightful tips such as the correlation between quantity and quality when coming up with new ideas and how being risk-averse can also lead to success.

Deep Work – Cal Newport
Book on improving focus

I would recommend this book to everyone because I think we all need to improve our focus these days. For me, the three most important topics that Cal covers in this book are why we should avoid multitasking, why we should practise being bored and why we should be taking breaks in order to improve our focus in the modern world.